Advice Needed RE VISA's Please Guys

Hi Guys,

my wife and I are moving to Siem Reap end Feb 2020, we have visited Cambodia a few years ago only for a few weeks as tourists, we have both near completed our TEFL and hope to find work teaching English, I am 56 my wife is 43, can someone advise us as to what visa's we should apply coming in from Thailand (Poipet), I thought maybe a retirement visa for myself? and an ordinary Visa for my wife so we can extend both easily?
Thank you in advance


If you both want to work you both need an EB (business) extension of stay (EOS).

On a retirement EOS you're not allowed to work.

During the search for a job you can get the 6 months EG (general) EOS, no docs needed.

If you find a job within the 6 months you can change to an EB EOS in country, if you haven't find a job you have to leave the country but can come back on an Ordinary visa and extend it again for a 6 months EG EOS.

Both of you should come in on an Ordinary visa, not a tourist visa.


Cambodia expert team

Thank you JoeKhymer

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