Many people looking to relocate seem to over look the great deals on ARBNB these days . If you dont want the hassle of setting up an apartment or house ARBNB is a great choice . I have found great deals for monthly rates all over Puerto Plata , Sousa and Cabarete area from 450 to 600 a month . Utilities Inc and many take pets . Many right by the beaches as well .  If anything still much cheaper then a hotel while you look for housing .

It's a good option!

I am in the process of planning our trip to the North Coast in May. Finally seem to have the air travel figured out and I have been looking at Airbnb for our stay there. Can anyone offer an opinion on Victorian Luxury Beachfront Condominiums?

I'm interested in things like general reputation, walking distance to restaurants, grocery, etc, anything firsthand - good or bad.  The pics and reviews look good, but I'd like to hear from someone in the group here if possible.

Hi there

Can you giver some ideas in particular Sosua & Cabarete.

I've looked at Airbnb & can't find any decent at those prices.  Thanks


Personally I find them grossly overpriced


Victorian Luxury Beachfront Condominiums:

I looked at this place to rent when working on a hotel project nearer Sosua and it was of interest for me albeit the beach that it is on is very windswept most times, but I was mobile and only planning to stay weekdays generally. In the end I didn't rent there though choosing a place closer to the project. For a calmer section of beach you will need to be around the point at Punta Cabarete.

It is quite a long walk into town to the beach restaurants and the first section is not so built up. A taxi will charge a lot for even such a short trip.

Cabarete does not have much of a selection of supermarkets but Janets supermarket at the turning to Valero Beach Resort is perhaps one of the bigger outlets and walking distance daytime. For a better selection in supermarket fare you will probably have to go to Sosua.

My family rented at Victorian over Christmas.  There are a few restaurants in the area, about a 20-30 minute walk.  Grocery is about a 30 minute walk on the beach.  In order to get info Cabarete proper, it will be a 45 minute walk.  The place they rented was ground-floor, and very large.  As with any AirBnB, you are subject to the individual owners' budget for quality and maintenance.  That being said, the common areas were good, security was good, and they would return.  The asking price over Christmas was astounding, but they got this unit for half price.  It was fairly quiet and in good repair.

I have an apartment in Dominicus.  We are going to have the complex handle rentals for us.  Estrella Dominicus if anyone is interested.  They have other rentals too, not just ours.  It's a lovely place to stay when you don't want an AI.

I like the community of Dominicus. A decent public beach and affordable rents. I was there last week. What are you paying for rent NelleG? How are the price of groceries? Do you travel to Bayihibe to buy your groceries? Have you ventured into the national park or been to Saona?

It is a nice area. I agree.  So how are the prices there,.I assume it's an Air bnb ?

Steverino7777 :

I like the community of Dominicus. A decent public beach and affordable rents. I was there last week. What are you paying for rent NelleG? How are the price of groceries? Do you travel to Bayihibe to buy your groceries? Have you ventured into the national park or been to Saona?

We don’t rent anymore, bought a 2 bedroom apartment last year.  We usually fly into SDQ, rent a car and drive to Dominicus.  We found the markets and restaurants in the village Have just about everything we need for a week or two.  We usually make breakfast in, have dinner out, and lunch is last night’s leftovers. 

The last few times we were there we were still furnishing the apartment so ventured to some of the bigger stores in La Romana and Punta Cana.  I find prices on some groceries comparable to US prices and other things are not.  Some things are a lot less expensive, like meat, eggs, cheese. 

We dive with a scuba shop in Bayahibe, ScubaFun.  We have gone to Saona and Catalina with them.  Both fun day trips and good dives along the way.  Friday can’t come fast enough, hope to be in the water again on Saturday!

planner :

It is a nice area. I agree.  So how are the prices there,.I assume it's an Air bnb ?

The prices I’ve see range from about $50 USD per night to $125 USD per night.  It depends on the apartment and the season.  Might be higher in the high season.  I’ve been to AIs where the drink packages were more that that!

I have noticed it is cheaper to fly into Santo Domingo than Punta Cana but car rentals are cheaper in Punta Cana.

The cost of flying depends where you are flying from and to.

As a European the cheapest flights have always been into Puerta Plata until now

As someone who only wants to go to the North of the island, Santo Domingo, Punta Cana is no good.

Added to which what I found there are far too many tourists compared with the North.


We would be flying into POP - more expensive flight, but only 15 or 20 minutes to Cabarete.
I'm going to spend some more time this weekend looking for lodging options. Victorian Luxury Beachfront Condominiums look stunning, but a 20 to 40 minute walk to restaurants and grocery has my wife concerned.

It will be our first time in the DR so I really don't want to rent a car if I can avoid it. Any rental suggestions for the Sosua\Cabarete area on or near the water?

Mark and Al, sorry, no first hand experience with any rentals in Cabarete itself.  Hopefully someone has some info for you.

What are your dates for visiting?

Mark and Al, from what I read you want to rent a condo ideally adjacent the beach for self catering in either Cabarete ideally but also Sosua is possible.

You ideally don't want to rent a car and as such need to be in walking distance of supermarkets and restaurants.

So for Cabarete you will probably need to be in walking distance of Janet's supermarket for the largest selection of groceries and drinks.

So the ABNB rentals at say Seawinds are a fair walk with lots of groceries but if you could find an apartment in Lifestyles that would be very close.

My choice of hotel when I have stayed in Cabarete, and it is a condo hotel, is Valero Beach and that is right next to Janets with breakfast but probably a bit more than your budget. It is on the beach too so easy to walk to beach restaurants. There are a few apartments right behind Valero Beach just off the beach so bear that in mind.

I would use Janets as a reference fo Cabarete in your weekend search and you can easily find on Google Earth maps behind Valero Beach.

If you are going to Sosua and the same applies to be in walking distance to supermarkets I suspect your choice will be far less if beach location is wanted. You have two supermarkets of decent size there, Playero and Super Pola. The best beach apartments could be quite a distance from both.


Lennoxnev and Uncle Buck - thanks for your responses, I really appreciate the first hand suggestions.
Planner - we are looking at May 19 thru May 29.

As first time visitors and not much with the Spanish, I'm trying to keep this trip as fool proof as possible.

Having said that, I'm still hoping to find a way to see Cabrera and Las Terranas....

Ten days is enough time to plan staying in Las Terrenas and Cabarete with a visit around Cabrera travelling between the two. No disrespect for Cabreran's but it is more a residency location than a tourist town and a visit for a few hours should be enough.

Then the challenge is identifying the best entry and exit points in DR and how to get from airport to location to location to airport.

Las Terrenas is perhaps 2.5 hours one way from Cabarete without a stop in Cabrera or the places to visit in the area.

A suggestion would be to arrive via POP, Puerto Plata and go to your chosen location in Cabarete for a few days and during this time negotiate with a taxi driver to drive you to a residence of choice in Las Terrenas with stop off visit in and around Cabrera (taxi will be not cheap but the best way to see everything en route) (willieweb will tell you everything about his hometown). Stay a few days there and then you can transfer to Santo Domingo airport SDQ, more cheaply using the regular bus service to Santo Domingo disembarking at the Carib Tours station near the airport with taxi for the last few miles.

Have a think about it and ask more questions and I am sure posters can help.

Cabrera doesn't seem to suit visitors much....
English is hard to find.... no beach in town.... 5 nearby

Rio San Juan might be a better choice -

There is daily bus service to Samana/Las Terranas
I think that;s a better option...
right on the beaches, excellent restaurants, European flair

"There is daily bus service to Samana/Las Terranas"
Interesting, does that run from the POP (Puerto Plata) airport? Maybe we could split our stay between Las Terranas and Sosua\Cabarete using the bus to travel.

Try here … p;ie=UTF-8 … nibus.html

Once a day Puerto Plata to Las Terrenas  and return as above. The drivers contact number is given. Leaving Puerto Plata at 1pm and the departure for return is 6.30am.

My guess is that the driver will be using whats app.

You will also find them on Facebook - note slightly different times by ten minutes. … 089735339/

Always best to book ahead as these buses get filled up quickly.

I frequently see smaller ones ---- 20 passengers or so
Not the big highway type bus style

I been in Las Terrenas for a month never rent any transpo i was few minutes walking distance from everything.
for my long trip to goes around i called one of my Best Dominican friend  he drove me everywhere sure it was not for free you can call him if you wants his name is Pavel 809-705-0160 very honest person

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