Residency permits post Brexit

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I’m a new member, live in Bristol, married with two adult children and three cats.

My husband and I purchased our Paphos apartment a good few years ago intending to retire or at least spend two or three months there after retirement. We haven’t managed that part yet and still have a few years to go.

I am wondering if the MEU1 is available to us.

We are both employed, have funds in both UK and Cyprus bank accounts. We both have pre existing medical conditions so adequate travel insurance is an absolute must for us.

I am just so fearful that Brexit will mean the loss of everything we worked for and dreamed of in Cyprus. Obviously much will depend on whatever the UK Government works out in the transition period, but flights are a concern, and so are visa requirements. The Europe wide travel permit seems ok, but if Cyprus joins the Schengen area, and a Schengen visa is required, that’s another difficulty.


this is the latest  visa requirements released by the EU

Hope this is of some help … nda_20_149

the MEU1 is currently available it is the result of an application for residency certainly until end of Dec 2020... and maybe a little further beyond that till June 2021...depending on application date...

of course the December 2020 deadline is important, much depends on the EU/UK agreement on all manner of issues. If they do then am sure they will agree to something that will protect both British nationals in Cyprus and Cypriot nationals in UK.
If they dont Brits will become full-on TCNs and the rules are different....

If you only intend to spend 2-3months then it may not be an immediate issue for you
but in the longer term if you are wishing to live here retire here permanently then thats another ball game  and is likely to be subject to Non-EU rules and legislation.

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Thanks all

Any thoughts as to whether  an MEU1 Application be open to me, given my current circumstances?

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