Health Insurance for pre existing conditions

I am moving to Puerto Plata area . I have done much research and found a very nice apartment for 350 a month in a very safe area , The piece of the puzzle I am missing is health insurance as I am getting conflicting info on coverage . I have controlled BP and Cholesterol . My question is does anyone have similar issues and have coverage by a carrier and who is the carrrier and how do the treat these conditions in regards to coverage . I have found so far that basically they will exclude many issues and link it back to these conditions .  Any suggestions on carriers and costs. I budgeted 250 a month for health insurance because of this but cant find a carrier   TIA

Welcome to the forums. I have an I can confirm that NO company here will cover those conditions or related conditions.  They will cover.everything else. 

I am sorry but that's reality. 

For everyone reading this thread, please don't buy coverage and not disclose. Many have tried this.  When you need it most,.you will not have coverage.  That isnt the find out you have no insurance.

I have found one international company called VUMI who will do pre existing . What the do is have a higher deductible  for the ore existing portion of the policy . Its around 25,000  but still at least ceiling for costs .  The plan is around 300 a month but I am paying 1400 a month now in then US .

Any international insurance - make sure it's accepted here and not pay first then get reimbursed!  Otherwise it's cash up front or credit card upfront in an emergency.

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