Sponsorship Change

Sir, Due to Heavyy drop in business my previous Company terminated my contract. I got a new job. But my previous company deny release. My Iqama is transferable.May I Transfer my Sponsorship after expire Iqama without permission from my 1st employer.My previous company hold all my service money, forcing me to Sell My Car & thetening me they will make me Urub. My main Problem Son is Studing here in 10th Standard. Can any one tell me a Solution Please.

usually you can request the iqama transfer without problem. But in your case looks like more complex.. i suggest you to show your issue to GRO from your new company and ask his advice.

The thing is the myth of this transferable Iqama.  Every Iqama is transferable if the company agrees and similarly, if they don't, it works the other way.  Now, if you joined the company from within Saudi i.e. they didn't have to issue new visa for you then if you approach the labor court, they usually allow you to transfer.


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