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So I can’t seem to find anywhere where I can rent a car in Guayaquil and then drop it off in either Salinas or La Libertad anybody out there can give me some recommendations?

The only recommendation I can give, is that you will have to return the car to where you rented it, or to another city where the company has an office - mostly only among the bigger cities is it even possible to rent in one and drop off at another.

But here are some links to explore those  possibilities: … uador.html

Many things we take for granted in the US and Europe, are not found or are not possible in Ecuador.  Ecuador is still a third-world country, or to put it more nicely, un país en vía de desarollo.  You're not in Kansas anymore.

Geez there’s always that one guy! Thanks  for the lecture

rriiccaarrddoo :

Geez there’s always that one guy! Thanks  for the lecture

You're entirely welcome.  Just trying to save you from becoming that one guy for whom the saying was coined:  "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other."

Um I was talking to the guy/person that replied after you that has either removed their post or a moderator did but keep the quotes coming.  ;)

Doesn't exist. Anything that would make your life easier / straight forward just doesn't exist.

Expect half the service at twice the cost for most things of this nature ("luxury" services - by luxury, I mean from the perspective that 99% of locals don't use it)

A taxi from Guayquil to Salinas should cost about $80/$90

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