I´ve been living here in Örebro for about 2 months and a half now and I´ve been learning Swedish in SFI. So far, no regrets in moving here. I really want to meet Filipinos here in Sweden though so if you are living anywhere near me, please drop a message. I miss my home country some days and I think being around with my fellow countrymen is somehow the closest to home. Also, I really want to know how to start my life here like getting employed for a start. So I hope you will reply or shoot a message :)

If I were you I would not hang out with my countrymen until I get done with my Swedish.

1. Hanging out with fellow
countrymen makes your learning capacity much slower.
2. There is a high risk that you also start to pronounce new Swedish words the way they pronounce, sometimes they pronounce it right and sometimes not and on top of it the letterer R makes enormous difficulties for some of them.
3.It will be difficult to you to find Filipinos in your own age. So the ideology about things in Sweden you will be get inserted from older Filipinos will spoil your integration process in Swedish society or at least slower the process.

However having said that I must also acknowledge that almost all the Filipinos I know are very clever and pleasant people. And you also are a big big girl in a big big world so you probably know what you are doing. Lycka till!

Hej im living in Jönköping. Just wanted to say Hi and welcome to Sweden 😊

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