Purchasing a small retreat in the Valle d'Itria

Hello from Southern California!

My husband and I will be purchasing a modest retreat (trulli/lamia/casale) in the Valle d'Itria area of Puglia. My mother is from Basilicata and when we were there, traveling all over the area, we fell in love with Ostuni, Locorotondo, and Cisternino and want to eventually retire there outside of the cities.  We are currently looking for property and have a real estate agent working to help us find something charming and livable in that area!

We will be there at the end of May so if there is anyone in the area that speaks English, we would love to take you for a nice meal so we can all have a good chat about living and possibly working in the most beautiful country in the world.

Ciao from Northern California!

I saw your kind post about wanting to meet up with other english speakers near Ostuni. My mother and I are currently looking for a modest property in Puglia, also in the same area - Ostuni, Ceglie, Cisternino, Locorotondo. We will be there to look at places in late April so looks like we will miss you on this trip, but let's keep in touch, and if our trips coincide in the future, we'd love to meet up and share info and experiences.  Best of luck in your search!

Cairo from Northern California (and my mom, Sylvie from Santa Fe, NM)

Hi there, Chris and I moved to the valle permanently last May and are between Martina and Cisternino more or less. Would be great to meet up and share our journey and answer any questions you might have.


oh how wonderful!!!

we've decided to purchase a bigger apartment right in Ostuni..and we will be in the area at the end of may.  of course we'd love to take you out for un apperitivo!!!! 

how to proceed?


Hi there [at]arcangelica, I live in Basilicata! Where is your mom from? We love the Valle d'Itria and Adriatic coast of Puglia, too.

We have friends who go annually to Martina Franca so usually get over there to visit them.

Best wishes! When you pass through Basilicata, stop by! :)

Hello Arcangelica,

I know the area and it is absolutely beautiful with lots of surrounding areas to visit.

Food is amazing and people are warm.

There is a community of foreigners too, so you will have no problem in finding new friends who speak your language fluently.


I hope someone will revert back to you soon through this forum.

Good luck!


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