Am I entitled to Spanish residency and healthcare


My wife and I have decided to move permanently to our house in the Granada region which we have owned for 18 years, I will be 65 September but will not get state pension until I 66, will we be entitled to Spanish healthcare or will I have to wait until retirement age? my wife is 58 so has a while to go before claiming her state pension.

Also having owned the house for 18 years would it make it simpler for us to get Spanish residency?

Thanks in advance

As a U.K. pensioner one is not entitled to Spanish health care.    The way is works is that when a person is a state pensioner, or in receipt of certain social services benefits, the by DWP will issue an S1 form.    That means one will be able to register on Spanish health care system with eh DWP paying a flat amount of around  5,000€ per year for your cover, whether you use the service or not

A claimant can claim cover for their under age dependant spouse.   My wife has been covered since she was 34

Thanks for the reply, I assume we will have to take out private healthcare until I reach my retirement age of 66.


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