Purchasing a Guest House in Port Louis


I am considering buying a Guest House. The price is Rs 7 000 000.

The problem I am having is that the Guest House is not a registered business and the zoning is residential. The owner wants me to sign an offer to purchase and take it over as is. The problem is how am I going to register it in my name and run it as a business re non residential person? I would like to make it legal so I don't lose my money.

Should I run away from the deal or persevere and to what organisation(s) should I seek help?

Looking forward to your suggestions


FWIW: As a foreigner , you are not allowed to own a guest House but, depending on its size you may be hired to manage /run it  ( entails a work permit)
See Eligibility on page #1:

8. A non-citizen cannot submit an application to acquire or lease a guesthouse or tourist residence unless:
a. the non-citizen is a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2001
b. the non-citizen holds a letter of no objection in respect of the project proposal from the ...

However you can buy shares in a Guest House with the approval of the government :
http://www.tourismauthority.mu/userfile … itizen.pdf

2. You are being scammed by the seller since you can't  run a Guest House in a residential area:

Except for existing ones and those located in CBA, Guesthouses shall not be allowed in residential areas.

That's why it is NOT a registered business. You don't want to run afoul of the law

Check this site to understand all the T&C wrt Guest House :
http://www.tourismauthority.mu/userfile … 102019.pdf

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