Work wear for indian women

Hi, could any body confirm what kind of dresses are ok for work, I always wear indian ethnic wear (churidars,sari) when I  worked in india, middle East and even Singapore but wanted to confirm if it is culturally fine or business formals is the convention , please clarify

Btw I work in ICT

Hello Madumathi83,

Well, all over Europe, it is expected that you dress in a formal way, business suits, skirt or classic pants, blouse, dress.

ICT  :D  depends, maybe jeans and shirts event tshirt would be fine. Depends on the company's policy.

What i would suggest is that you dress formal (european way) for your 1st day/week and have a look around to see how your colleagues dress or perhaps even have a word with your manager.

All the best,

Thanks a lot Bhavna, I would stock  formalwear also  in my baggage :-)

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