Partner finding work in Dubai on my visa

I have an upcoming interview for a school in Dubai and if successful am really keen to pursue a teaching career in Dubai. However I am concerned about the implications of my partner coming with me. He is ex military and looking at private security type work but I’m not sure how he would go about getting himself a job there before we leave, or would we have to wait until we arrive?  My job would include accommodation, would this be affected by him joining me ?

1) You may be eligible to sponsor your husband for a visa depending on your salary.  Be aware that you CANNOT sponsor anyone who is not married to you.  GCC countries do not recognize any relationship outside of marriage (and theoretically by law, any live-in relationship without marriage is illegal and does not give any rights like it would in the west)
2) Depending on your nationality, your partner may be eligible for a visa on arrival and keep exiting / re-entering to reset the days.  This would allow him to look for jobs and if he finds one, the employer can give him a proper work visa.  Be aware also that while on a visit visa, he won't be able to do anything e.g. open bank accounts, convert driving license or even indeed, get a permanent mobile phone under his name
3) On accommodation, it really depends on the rules of your employer organization.  Some offer company accommodation for single people only whereas others do for families.  You would have to check with them and also ask, if you could get a cash allowance for finding your own accommodation, in case they only offer accommodation for employees

Thank you for this information, that is really helpful.

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