We are in the process of organizing the wedding of our daughter.
Rather time consuming and can be expensive.

Family are here in Vientiane staying at our house preparing food, the tables are laid out under a large marquee, beer supplies in place. Everything spotless.  Even the dogs have been shampooed !!

When my wife and I married many years ago in Southern Laos it was the first expat-Lao wedding in Champassak province. Had the full Lao traditional wedding.

Meeting with the monks who blessed the steers before they were dispatched and cut up for the feast,  me dressing in Lao costume, walking with my party to the family house, the challenge at the gate, washing of my feet before entering the house and then 2 hours of speeches and chanting before it was all over.

Then the meal, dancing, with my wife and I having a shot of whisky at each table. Band playing and festivities had to end at midnight as dictated by the village head and monitored by the village policeman. This was done as others in the village had to head to work at daybreak next day.

Would like to hear from others as to how their nuptials went. Not necessarily in Laos but in Asia in general.

Hello Stumpy, Congratulations on your daughter's wedding  :happy: Wish the couple happiness and a successful married life  :par:

I can't talk about "Asia" but well, being Mauritian from the hindu community I guess we got our traditions in my family from India  :lol:

My brother got married last year, the "festivities" started Friday till Tuesday. Dinner (vegetarian) was served Saturday to the guests (to around 400 - 500 people at my place). Tables were laid in the yard. Wedding ceremony was Sunday at the bride's place. Monday was the famous cake/toast/champagne/ dinner (non veg) reception and Tuesday a little family gathering. Family members came buy to gift the married couple a little something, have fun, eat, listen to music etc...

A typical indian wedding with lots of people and music lol (tiring with no escape lol)
Oh and ofcourse everyone wore their traditional indian outfits.


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