removal from South Africa to Mauritius

Hello! I am applying for a work visa at the December last year and waiting to be issued.
I am currently living in South Africa and am preparing to move to Mauritius when my labor visa is available. I have several questions.

1. I think a labor visa will be issued at the end of February. But can I send my luggages to Mauritius before then?

2. I don't have a Mauritius address because I am still in South Africa.  Where and how can I send my belongs to Mauritius .  Do I need my issued work visa when I send it?

3. As you know, I be require a round-trip ticket when you enter Mauritius. But I am moving from South Africa to Mauritius, what should I do?

4. I'm the father of two daughters. The children's Mauritius school starts in April, and  the children's school tells them to enter Mauritius by April.

Do I get a tourist visa, stay in Mauritius first, and change my visa after my work visa is issued? Or can I not enter Mauritius until a labor visa is issued?
My current South African rental contract expires at the end of March so I think I should be in Mauritius or a third country from April.

5. If you have moved from Mauritius to South Africa, please recommend a moving company. I'm not going to send electronics or furniture, I'm going to send only books and clothes in a box.

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