Thinking of moving to Aberdeenshire?

Hello! This is my first post! Me and my partner live in England and want to move to Scotland. Been looking at different options and have seen a few suggestions about moving to Aberdeenshire. Is there anyone on here who could suggest what areas I should be looking at? We are ideally looking at being about 20-30 min drive from Aberdeen and in a village with local amenities and bus/train links.  Any suggestions will be great, we have a deposit to buy a house there so would like affordable areas as well. Thanks!

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

There are many towns and villages around Aberdeen; one useful tool to find the ones that meet your criteria is to use Google Maps.  We know that trains to Aberdeen run from Elgin to the North West and Dundee to the south.  If you use Google maps and plan a journey, then choose either the train or bus options, it will give you what options there are, but more importantly, will list all the stops along that line, so will give you a list of towns/villages to start your search with.  Once you have those names, you can start to search on-line for houses and then find the places you can afford; you can then use the Google Maps Streetview function to virtually walk around these places and see them for yourself, then use things like Facebook to find local groups and then talk to people that really live in these places.

Then perhaps, you and your partner jump on a train, or drive up and see them for yourselves.

Scotland is a great country, I'm sure you'll love it up there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I 2nd Cynic comment, maybe have a weekend away and check out the area for yourselves?

Thanks we are going up for a week in March, looking at starting at Stirling and make our way around aberdeen area for a few days and hopefully find somewhere we love!

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