Are there any south African doctors on the group ?

Good day all. My wife and I want to relocate.  We are both in cape town. We dont have kids as yet. We looking for a simpler life and are keen to give back to our communities. We have both government and private healthcare experience. 
Are there amy south African doctors on the group. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.  We are scared and also excited. 50 / 50.
Nice to meet you all

Hi Catherine and Joubin,

Welcome to Expat.Com  :)

I have created a new thread from your post on the Belize forum so that members can easily reach out to you.  You could perhaps share with us why you chose Belize ?

Also, feel free to read the articles in the Living in Belize guide for a good start.


Welcome to the forum, and potentially Belize.
I am an EM physician in the US, and have considered obtaining a license to practice in Belize, but have not made the effort as yet. I understand, like many things in Belize, it is time consuming and there are a number of "hoops" to jump through. I have been told it is not an easy process, and some individuals have not been able to obtain a medical/dental license - not sure of the specifics. I would be interested in volunteering my services, as opposed to actually creating a practice. You would need a work permit as well, which is a whole different process.
I have been instructed by Dr. Manzanero of the Ministry of Health, to start with the Belize Medical Council for licensing, regardless of further intentions. This will give you the general requirements- … ation-form
Good luck in your endeavors.

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