Can i come back to Malaysia after finish my work permit visa

I just finish my work permit on 10 January 2020. Any possibility if i want coming back to Malaysia and how is the rules and procedures. Thanks

Coming back under tourist visa should be no problem.
But, if coming back for another job, better ask the new employer to apply EP for you first. After approved, then only enter Malaysia under Visa With Reference (VDR).
The immigration officers always say that, enter Malaysia after the visa application is approved.

I just want to come as a tourist, do i need to wait atfer 3 month or 6 month? Or anytime i can apply my tourist visa. Thanks

I agree, by what you say it sounds reasonable to be able to come back on a tourist visa. However, the best way to check is to contact the Malaysian Embassy in your country.

Immi often assume anyone doing what you suggest as a big red flag for working illegally. Best to have proof of funds to survive on!

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