Were planning to get married in malaysia

Hi. I am from the Philippines . I am Christian . We’re planning ti get married in malaysia with my bf who’s Canadian (muslim) I just wanna ask if how long did you stay in malaysia when u process everything. I read that if you wanna convert to islam in malaysia , you have to stay for 90 days before you can get married. How true is that? Please let me know how did u process everything. It would be a big help. Thanks

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No idea about Malaysia. But I converted and married in Indonesia and just needed to get some documents and make an appointment and did the conversion and marriage in one go.

Depends on the Imaam. I knew a friendly one who married an Iranian couple on holiday.

One the main issues is getting permission from your embassies to marry and your father or male head of house, a woman needs that permission usually to get married in Islam.

Another issue is visas, if you are doing this to get into Canada with your bf it will look suspicious to be married in Malaysia without a sound reason eg you or he works in Malaysia. Otherwise best you marry in the Phillipines, much easier!

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