Now i have no idea which job i can do

So i just finished my intermediate studies (12th grade) and my university for completing bachelors and studying further starts in September, which is 7 months later and until then i have nothing social to do and I'm getting really bored and dull.  :sosad:
I was aiming to get busy in some activity for 7 months and would like to do a earning job for some social activity.
I applied to many schools for kindergarten teaching but they all require atleast a bachelors degree.  :blink:
Now i have no idea which job i can do, is there anyone who could give any idea? I am very fluent in English.
Any kind of suggestions and ideas would be highly appreciated, thank you!  :happy:

congrats on completing high school and happy to see you are approaching to understand what can be done during this gap. Very important to find out.
do you mind if I ask what major are you seeking in university? is it aligned with technology? World is connected online and I suggest to choose a major around this, in 2025 there will be billions of online users.
Regarding what can be done in 7 months, I suggest you continue to learn. learn a new skills, practice teaching, learn public speaking. Or Take a course online related to data learning, data analyst. If your intention is to earn money then take affiliate marketing course and see how it works.
If that is not working for you, then have a look at khanacademy, udemy or others institutes for online learning.
Wish you all the luck!

Thank you very much for your info! Much appreciated  :happy:

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