Lao Wife to the UK

Hi all

Does anyone have any experience of bringing their Laotian wife to the UK via the Spouse Visa route (to eventual citizenship)

Just to complicate matters slightly, we live in Singapore, and have a child.

Any local advice on documents required, TB tests (has to be Bangkok?!) English proficiency, trustworthy agencies, Life in the UK tests etc etc would be great

Khop jai

Hi Khop Jai, welcome on board  :)

As you are a UK citizen, it shouldn't be complicated. Contact the embassy nearest to where you live : … -singapore

Have a look here as well :

On a side note, may i suggest that you post this same question on the UK forum ? (in case some of our members already living in the UK have been through the same process)

- England forum

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Thanks Bhavna!

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