Expat location in Italy

Hi All,

The forum looks great and I’m hoping you can help with our purchase in Italy. We’ve travelled and visited Italy many times ...  Milan, Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily to name a few.

We’re looking to buy a retreat in Italy as a bolt hole from the cold UK weather in the winter/spring months so it needs to be in a location where the weather is better than the South of England. Also needs to be within 30/60 mins of a big town/city for entertainment and have some UK expats nearby for some socialising.

Any thoughts from the forum members on where to start?

Kind regards

Julian & Liz

Ahhhhh Italy, been there, I visited Torino, Roma, but my favorite place was Monteriggioni a little medieval walled town in Tuscanny.

But where are my manners?  :o

Hello Julian & Liz and welcome to expat.com ! :)

That's a lovely project you got there !

In order to be well prepared for your expatriation, let me advise you to read a couple of things:
first the Living in Italy Guide, a mine of information about... Well, living in Italy ;)

Secondly, I think I understood you were looking for a place to live ?
You can always cast a glance at the Housing in Italy section, maybe you'll find the retreat you're looking for.
Finally if you wish to meet other expats, you can always check the Italy Expat Network :)

That's all, I really hope you'll find that little place of Heaven in Italy.


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