Stack Set

Our friend want to get us a stack set as a thank you gift. Very generous.

I have a few people on site to help with logistics.

Where is the best local (Santiago/Puerto Plata) place to purchase, hopefully with an online site so I can see the sets. I think we we will probably have to pay by wire. I can't imagine a scenario where I could use a credit card.

Is shipping by CPS a totally crazy idea in regards to $$?

What's a stack set?

Sorry... Washer/Dryer- stacked. 😊

Really?? Can I be their friend?   Pulleeease??

To answer.the actual question; Corripio in Puerto Plata or.pricemart in Santiago

They have come with us several times and will visit many more. They want to do it as a thank you. And, so they can use it too. I don't mind dropping the laundry at the laundress, but it would be nice to have I guess.

I found some at Corripo, decent price, same as in the states. But I think we need to do it when we are there as I don't think paying for it from here (Indiana) will work.

Corripio may in fact take your credit card so you may be able to.

Enjoy it when you get it!

Christie, you do know somebody with a truck now.  😉

If that helps at all?  But I agree with Planner, Corripio is the way to go, and they do take cards.  They even held our appliances from Black Friday till mid-January.

Wow, that is customer service!

You probably have to present the card in person though, right? And groovy on the truck!

Is it common to bargain for a better price if purchasing an oven and a washer/dryer? Should we take a Dominican relative shopping with us? And yes the hubs is Dominican but his Dominican family on site say his Spanish is Americanized and not true Dominican! 😂😂😂

It never hurts to ask for a discount here, no matter what you are buying.  If they don't seem very receptive, tell them you're ready to buy if they can drop it "un poquito mas"

And they will always negotiate if you go cash in hand!  Credit card charges are as high as 8%

Good to know - when you find a bargain, even if it is a SALE, would you still attempt to knock the price down. I used to enjoyed getting a good price in places like Cyprus - sellers enjoyed it and actually expected it.

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