Opening a bank account in Paraguay

Hi all,

I've recently got my Paraguayan residence and I plan to be back in this country in April where I'll spend around a month.

I need to open a bank account in order to buy a local apartment and I've been told that I need to show a certificate stating I've used my RUC number (local VAT) to buy/sell assets/services locally for at least 6 months to be eligible to get one.

Is this correct or am I moving the wrong steps for some reasons ?
Ok, I got my RUC number but it seems a tax accountant will need to record all my movements for 6 months that I'll need to spend in the country.

That's fine.
Has anyone any experience with local banks ? Are their friendly with clients ?
Is it easy proofing the origin of incoming funds or they may cause some problems ?

Please, share your experiences about this topic in tne interest of all members including myself :).


Change bank :)

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