I don't know where to go

I am currently studying (CS) and I'll have my degree in around 2 years. I would love to move to another country as soon as I have finished studying but I really don't know where. My favorites would be China, England, Brazil, Portugal.

Since I want to know the local language I already started to learn the basics of each of those languages but in the long term, I'll have to stick with one for obvious reasons. The problem is I don't know where to go. My #1 would be China but the crazy work ethic is frightening me :(

So, long story short... how did you choose which country you want to move to?


As long as you keep Brazil as a party destination and not a place to settle, you can make your life without any problem in one of the three other countries on your list.

Not well paid in Brazil and many things to do to get a work card. Brazil hires Brazilian's first.
I would check England. No language problems.
Portuguese is rather difficult to learn and would need to enroll in a University to study Portuguese. Portugal speaks more English then Brazil.

Croatia, just nice weather, very friendly people and quite easy language to learn. The other problem's quite high unemployment rate, so you have to chose the international corporation.

I asked my friends about my top picks and went from there. Also researched and stuck with what felt right the most for me.

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