Authorized Visa

Hello good people of this forum.
My name is Josephine and I am writing from Nigeria.
I would appreciate information on how I could apply for an Authorized Visa to visit Panama.

I would also like to know if a Hotel Reservation document could serve as an alternative to a Letter of Invitation for my Visa application because I have no friend in Panama that can assist me with an invitation.

I look forward to your kind suggestions.

Thank you


The appropriate place to inquire is the nearest Panama consulate.

If you need an invitation, purchasing through a travel agent in Panama may help you to obtain one.

I can think of nobody who would invite a stranger and be responsible for them to the Immigration authorities.

Hello Wyrld Traveller, I appreciate your reply.
Please if you come across such travel agency kindly let me have their email address so I can write them to get the Letter of Invitation and pay their charges.
I am not looking out for such favour from members of the forum because I know that such gestures are not easy to come by.

Thank you


If you do a simple search for "agencia de viajes Panamá" you will get a list of travel agencies, many of which have English speaking staff.  Most will have either email addresses or contact forms.

In this day and age, there are many people who ask, "How do I do this?" and, when people respond, then ask, "Will you do it for me?"

This is the extent of my voluntary contribution.

Thank you so much for your tips.
I would go ahead and check the sites.

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