What's your goal for 2020 ?

I want know that how are planning for 2020 to know how similar thinking we have.............

World goals for the next decade are as follows:
Goal 1:  End Poverty in all its forms
Goal 2:  Zero hunger
Goal 3:  Health
Goal 4:  Education
Goal 5:  Gender equality
Goal 6:  Water & Sanitation
From your side, first, we'd now be most interested to hear what YOUR goals are for 2020 & beyond? 
And - secondly - how do you rate Nepal in those 6 categories listed here?
Your turn!
Your answer?

My goal for this year is to start a bee farming initiative for Nepal. I'm still researching whether I should help the wild bees or help the local farmers to help with pollenation and harvesting honey and bees' wax. I'm afraid they use too many insecticides to work with bees.

I can't save the world, but this is my 'one thing.'

For their part, the Authorities set still higher Goals for new FDI investments in Nepal at nearly half a million US dollars (minimum threshold). Be interesting to see how this new policy works out because that is a ten-fold increase over what it was before?

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