Medical Insurance Plan


I'm Alan, moved in to Johor in 2013 but still unsure how to go about buying an overseas medical insurance plan in the longer term or if it is advisable just to get a travel insurance in the short term. I'm approaching 65 and in good health. The company I'm working for only covers me in the course of my work. I have yet to decide applying for MM2H or permanent residence (should I start a business later on). Any one care to comment? Thanks.

You can contact an insurance agent or just go to any of the big insurance companies and get a quotation for full medical coverage. In my late fifties I used to pay somewhere between Rm2k - 3k (I'm older now) and in my fifties I had a slip disc operation that cost Rm20k and my insurance paid it directly as I was checking out of the hospital. Obviously being in your mid 60's the premium might be a bit more expensive, but I think it is still very affordable for us oldies.

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