Marriage in Norway for 2 foreigners


Is anyone here who had that and could share the experience?

We get the permission so we are the happiest for a chance for it.

My Turkish fiancee is waiting now from few days for the answer from embassy. How I know til now they will contact her from when she want a visa 30 days to rich the Norway. After she came to Norway she need an appointment in the first week at police so she need to apply at UDI case site with her case for the police visit to get her family card for the 6 months. I think that for that case accept the passport we don’t need any more documents for the police because UDI give the permission for that card already after a lot of work with the papers.

We gonna have 5 months to get married.
1 month before we need to apply for the new family card right at the Norwegian local police station?
Do we will apply for the appointment  again from the UDI case site with the same case what before where are all the information about us?
For sure this time they will want a certificate of our marriage but it will be a totally a new case? for the family card like we need some more documents and do all again everything from the begging like now? Or just marriage certificate?

Thank you :)

Hello.  what type of residence has she get from Norway?  Is it just for you to get married?  It is not easy to get a state of residence in Norway.

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