Birth Certificate

I am a Romanian citizen. Born in Romania to Romanian parents. I was adopted and raised in the US. I have all of my original adoption documents. I must go to Bucharesti to update my birth certificate. Does anyone know how long that will take and how much it might cost?

As far as I know, there is no cost (to save time, you should bring a copies of all your documents). I don't think it will take more than 1-3 days, but I would plan on 5 working days or so, just to be sure.

Greetings. I have 2 questions:

1. What do you mean by 'update my birth certificate'?

A birth certificate does not change, you either have it or you don't.

2. 'I must go to Bucharesti'

Why is that? You should be able to resolve whatever documentation issues you might have via the Romanian Consulate(s) or Embassy in the States.

I was in Canada almost 20 years when, one time, trying to renew my Romanian passport, for the n-th time, I was asked for my birth certificate (apparently the current passport was no longer sufficient). I have explained that I don't have a birth certificate because back when I left Romania, the laws were such that they have asked for and kept my original birth certificate at the Passport office, at the time they gave me the 'special' passport as a Romanian living overseas. So what to do ... I provided them with a non-certified (xerox) copy of my birth certificate, that I happened to still have and it was better than nothing. Based on that and an application I filled up, they sent the documentation to Romania and after like 3 months, I finally got a new birth certificate (new format).

What I am trying to say is that I did not need to go to Romania for that. Technically the Consulates/Embassy in the States are your bridge between anything US and Romania because they understand and validate any docs/paperwork you have that originates in the States as well as Romania and they should be able to put in whatever request to the Romanian authorities regarding any documentation you are entitled to have. You might have to wait 2-3 months and pay a fee, but beats having to fly and spend time there, if it's not in your plan to do so.


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