No access to VPN


Im currently in Ubud and have a hard time to connect with the Desktop of my company. There are some cafes where it does work, but I need to be in a quit area because my job is most of the time on my phone. Does anyone have an advice for me or had the same experience? Thank you in advance.


Hi Rukan,

Try searching for information on youtube "No access to vpn" good luck


Better find a good internet because VPN relies on internet connection.
Have you tried mobile phone connection (4G) in there?
From the speedtest, top two best mobile data provider is XL and Telkomsel for 4G connection.

You right... Low Man

Or try to find 4G LTE Mobile Wifi Hot spot Modem


Did the issue get solved?
Im going next month , staying in Ubud, and I have to work through VPN as well.

What worked best for you?

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