Coronavirus in Dalian/LiaoNing

Hey if anyone has documents or news that are revealing the actions of the local government (Dalian) or provincial government (LiaoNing), I'd love to see/hear what you come across.

A few Canadians still in Jinshitan (45 min QIng Gui ride out from Dalian), waiting to see if our school is officially going to reopen or what. We are tentative now for March 2nd according to our leaders who are follow the regulations set out by the local government.

In the meantime, people are wondering if they should be "stocking up" or not, from what I understand, there is no reason to as of yet. But I mean, the heck do I know...

People are wondering as well if there is a specific hospital to report to in the event of symptoms arising. We follow a few Dalian wechat mini-programs, but its nothing really useful which tells me the government is waiting to see what happens as everyone is.

In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts on LiaoNing's status/potential or certain throughout the crisis.

Memes are welcomed :)


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