Visa application. Time

Dear all!

I received my SP for Belgium at 7 january 2020, I was so happy about it as it takes long time to wait.
I submitted my file at 13 january in VFS and since than there is no news... I applied for Visa D for work. Already 2 weeks passed and usually people get it in 5 working days.
I called the embassy, they told me they sent my documents to Belgium and they are waiting of response from them and they didn’t tell me how much time it could take.
My current status in vfs hasn’t changed, it’s under consideration, has anyone encounter smth familiar, how much could it take?

Some consulates send all applications to Belgium for processing. Let us wait for DOFI website to start showing the status of your application.

I wrote to infodesk to ask for dates/time and I got short response

"MOS 373219

"OK" in Moscow.  Kindly contact the relevant diplomatic post to get the decision."

What does it mean? they don't receive my file? as I can't track it on dofi.ibz
373219- it's my application number

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