Moroccan translation required

Hello. Is anyone able to translate this for me?

Ra kangolik yamk hado
Ta achmen yami
Yami hia fach nkon tema

And another...
Khoya kolchi 3la dbana
Yamk hado akhoya

Thank you!

Welcome this is what i understand and i translate to you :

I said to you this is your days  ( means its your lucky days ) .
Its not my lucky days .
My lucky days when i will be there .
Brother everything is about  ( debana =  its little hair under man lips or its the fly insect ).
Yes of course .
Its your lucky days bro .

Any help you welcome .

Thank you so much for your helpful reply. It makes sense in the context I saw it. God bless you.

😂😂  rw7tilih yamo mskin

Hhh yeah , he want to use her to get the paper thats a bad idea because thats will affect and destroy her feelings .  anyway she was need help she got it .

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