Bank Loan, credit Card & Unpaid Telephone Bills

Dear Friends.,
Refer to the above mentiolned subject, suddenly I got ternination letter from my current company & company will sennd me final exit. I'm having a bank loan & credit card unpaid which I'm paying by installment & some STC land line payment overdue. I already checked with SAMA & there are no complain against me. But in simah (saudi credit bereau) where banks are checking persons credit rating to issue a loan, there are above mentioned payment registered.

1) Now my question can company provide me final exit with these payments are still there?
2) If company able to put final exit will I be exit safley, immigration will allow me?
3) As I believe while i don't have any case with SAMA, can i leave Saudi easy through immigration, can I?
4) Is Simah (Saudi Credit Bureau) linked with immigration?

All of you to send me your feedback about the above subjet. It's a top urgent issue.


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