Looking for a job in Koka (Negewo)

Hello everybody,

at July this year me and my boyfriend will come to Ethiopia and live for one year at Koka (Negewo) on a flower farm where my boyfriend will work.

During our stay I would appreciate to do something useful  for me and also for my personal development. During the last three and a half years I absolved an apprenticeship as a detal technician in Germany where we are currently living. First I thought about an employment in this sector. But Addis Abeba would be the next opportunity for me to work in that field. I would like to find something that is closer to the farm and easy to reach.

Personaly I would like to work with people, do something artisanal and learn something about the ethiopian culture. I would be glad to get some information from you if there is somebody with purpose for an Expat for one year or know somebody who could.

Many thanks in advance!


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