Short layover, changing terminals please help me guys

I fly to Manila, changing twoo different airplains, the first is flydubai coming from Otopeni, Romania on T3, then i need to take the Cebu Pacific from Terminal 1,in a very short time of just 1 hour 45 min, luckly i will have the boarding pass for the second, carrying only my cabin.

My question is how to find my way to the T1 to catch the second airplain, there is a plenty information on the internet, but im concerned since is my first time flying and dont want to waste my time asking everyone there..

My agency in the itinerary sayed the layover is ok

but i need to consider this :

- where? Arrivals or connection to go from T3 to T1

- what fast vehicle, metro,bus.. Do i have to pay for them?

- where it gonna be my immigration and security how long it takes to pass thru??

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