Apostille Indian Birth Certificate

Hello All,

I have a birth certificate issued in 2015 from Maharashtra, India.

Will the date of issue of the certificate be a problem while submitting the Apostille Indian Birth Certificate to the commune? Or do I have to opt for duplicate copy again and apostille on it?

Thanks in advance

Hi again.

Apostilled documents, in general, need to be no more than 6 months old on the date of submission.

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Its not about Apostilled document date, I am asking about the original document issue date. I know about the apostilled document validity which should not exceed 6 months.

Issue date of original birth document should not exceed 6 months also while submitting to the townhall ?

Thanks in advance.

When I submitted mine to get married in the Netherlands, it was 35 years old, so I suspect the age of the original was not an issue, it was only the apostille document/stamp that had to be less than 6 months old.  Have you read the information on the IND website (link).

If this doesn't answer your questions satisfactorily, then I suggest you contact the IND directly and ask them; this link will take you directly to the IND contact information.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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