Penalty for overstaying Social Visit Pass

What is the penalty for overstaying a social visit pass ( 90 days )
Is there a different penalty for a short overstay vs. long overstay.

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I don't know the specifics, but long overstay would surely mean you are banned from entering Malaysia again for a number of years. Short overstay by a matter of days I also wouldn't know. But, isn't it better to just pop over the border to Thailand or Singapore for a day or two in order to get another 90 days stay?

What is your experience with that?  I was here 10 years ago, and you could pop over the border for 5 minutes ,  and do that for a year, and it was fine.  Now I'm reading that you "should" stay outside for a week,  some even say a month.  I'd like to make it as short as I can, and be able to repeat it 4X.
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My experience with what? I already told you, did it for a few years and no problems. The immigration officers took me aside and asked me a few questions (I was with my wife) and then just let us continue on our bus to KL. Did it plenty of times after that and never had a problem.

I think if you can provide some kind of proof that either you have a job somewhere else or are living somewhere else then anything like that helps. I suppose their main concern is that you might be working in Malaysia so if you clearly are not then that should help.

If you overstay and then try to visa hop - even if you stay outside the country for awhile- it may be a different story. They will stamp your visa with a record of overstay, which is an immigration violation. Thus they will not be lenient in allowing you to return.

You mean a tourist visa, not social visit pass, is that correct?

Are you still within the time limit now or are you overstay?

I dont think there is a standard penalty for everyone, it depends where you are from, what caused the overstay, how long the overstay, what are the circumstances, etc. For example, if the overstay was caused by the fact you were in a car accident and unconscious in the hospital for 5 weeks and you have all your papers and reports and receipts about it, of course thats going to get you a merciful ear compared to the jackass who arrogantly declares, "What?! Why, im a sovereign citizen of the world and i dont need no stinkin' visa!" And too, the number of days makes a huge difference. One day, two days, is a lot different than one year of overstay.

Once upon a time, i left via the airport and was stopped for being one-day overstayed. They said they would take me to jail. We argued about how the days were counted and maybe in the way i plead my case in their office they let me go with a warning and chopped something in my passport which haunted me everytime I came and went after that because the in-out officers could plainly see I was a vicious, conniving, no-good, immigration CROOK. That only stopped when my passport expired and i got a new one. And by the way, this honest confusion about how days were counted caused them to modify the policy in which upon arrival they write with pen and ink the exact day the visa is no longer valid.

That time, my business consultant said that aside from possible jail,  the penalty was something like RM30/day and at some point it went to RM110/day but again, its not uniform. The construction worker from Bangladesh is going to the detention center in Kummunting (sp) for two years, whereas an Australian tourist with money might just pay some small fine and thats it.

Obviously, you dont want to be an overstayer because regardless of what happens as a penalty today it effects future in-outs and you could easily be denied entry. They WILL do whatever they like with you.

If you are overstayed now, my personal advice is to go to the immigration office now and throw yourself prostrate on the mercy of the court so that you can clear the problem before you get to any border. Turning yourself in, and coming from a first world country might mean better treatment and outcome. And dont lie, they hate silly stories and lies, they've heard them all. Just say the truth: Im here, I made a mistake, how can we settle it? If they charge you RM200/day, just pay it and dont get in a fight. Assuming you get through this, DONT be in this situation again, my bet is that surely youd get jail or permanent barring or something extreme. Leave about 5 days before the expiry and be gone 4-8 weeks to not raise eyebrows on return. If you are gone like 3 months, it will be treated like you were never here at all; if you are out 3 days, in todays very negative environment you might be barred by them giving you a 3-day visa and the instruction to go straight to an immigration office or even just bar you from entry altogether. Nobody knows.

BTW Anyone know what happened to that girl who had overstayed for 4 months because she thought "it was just like the EU"?

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