rent a place that will be accessible by the school bus

Hi everyone,
I had a job offer in KL and I’m planning to move there in February.
The only school place I found is in the BIS but I will be working in the CC.
Could you please advise where to rent a place that will be accessible by the school bus?
Many thanks 😊

Suggest you take the MRT via the LRT.
Find a comfy room in TTDI or better BB.
If you can afford KLCC that beats PKNS.
Stay safe in KL. Avoid MRR2.
*Pun intended Dalila get serious*

Thank you for your reply but didn’t understand anything to all your abbreviations, could you please give me more details??
Thanks anyway

Hello everyone and welcome Dalila,

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The best way to know is to ask the BIS about the routes of their school bus. Also, do you mean you will be working in KLCC area, Bukit Bintang area of Chinatown or KL Central area?

Thank you!

I applied for GI and AS and waiting for a reply after assessment. I’ll be working around Razak Tun Jalan, I started looking at the flat there and would like to know if you could recommend any condo with affordable prices and not the high standard ones. Thanks!

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