Canadians who have done the retirement visa

I'm reaching out to other Canadians concerning the visa process from Canada.

Right now I have private pension and I wont receive CPP until Dec 2020.  My understanding is that having private pension only will make it harder to get a retirement visa.

Has anyone had experience with this?
Can you recommend a visa service that is reliable and affordable from personal experience?

Any and all information would be helpful.


I have a private pension plan from Canada that got me a 3 year visa in Colombia. No problem.

Thanks Doug.  That helps alot.

It's not really a retirement VISA.  My cedula is labelled "Imigrante". This year if you can prove by apostilled letter from Canada that you have a permanent lifetime monthly income of at least 665 CAD (twice the average Colombian monthly income) then you should be good to go.

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