Work Visa Saudi Arabia

My friend got work visa from sponsor and all the processing expenses including ticket to saudi are covered by company. However, after receiving visa and all other documents, he change his mind and not anymore wants to go to saudi. Is there any consequences ?

No.  He just can't get another visa until the work visa expires.    But outside of that, no issues.

However, what he did is very unprofessional.  He made the company spend a lot of money and effort to get him a visa.  Besides that, they lost one visa out of their quota.  He should have really been clear in his head before progressing with the process.

A agent was saying embassy will send you a notice for the money spent by the company. Or a Ban / blacklist from country.

But since he didn't get iqama or entry in company/country, how can this be possible. I think he was trying to force him to go.

It doesn't work this way.  A visa, you can choose not to go and it will expire.  That is all.

If you do go then the visa is converted to an Iqama and you become a proper employee which is when these sort of things happen.

He is right

any idea if your work visa expired? company still not processing my iqama

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