Highly Skilled Immigrant Residence Permit Nightmare

Hello! Looking for some advice! I have received much mixed information from the IND, so any personal stories would be greatly appreciated!!

- My sponsor company did not apply for an MVV with my residence permit application since I am American. Has anyone experienced coming to the Netherlands without an MVV and then picking up their residence permit once processed (1-2 weeks)?
- Did you just stay in the country after receiving the residence permit while still in the Netherlands?
- Did you have to show paperwork to border control proving that you were coming to pick up the residence permit (if you did not have an MVV)? Did you have a one-way flight?
- I am concerned that border control will not let me into the country without a return flight since Americans can only be in the country for 90 days (so should proof of return?). IND is telling me this is fine, but I find it odd that I would technically be entering the country as a tourist and there's no indication to border control that I am now a residence?
- Did anyone's residence permit "begin date" start AFTER the date they arrived in the Netherlands? Did you have any issues?
- Were you able to get a BSN (burgerservicenummer)? Or did you have to wait the date that the residence permit was valid in order to be issued a BSN?
- Which documents were required to be brought for the IND appointment for biometrics?
- Did you have to bring an apostilled (legalized) birth certificate and/or affidavit of your unmarried/single status to the IND appointment for biometrics? To the appointment for the BSN?
- I am traveling to the Netherlands from the States to get my biometrics taken care of. My plan is to flight back to the US to wait for the permit to be approved while I wrap up my affairs in the US.

Thank you!

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