Any suggestions for decent rented apartment in Port Louis, Mauritius

Please provide suggestion for decent rented apartment( fully furnished) in  Port Louis, Mauritius ( my office location is in City Centre near Les Jardins).
Near the Beach or Sea view, preferably A Gated Community, with security and amenities ( gym, swimming pool etc).
Any nearby or access to mall with shop and Grocery will be a plus.

How is the public transport in Port Louis ? Access to Buses and Taxi's will ease the life.

Hello Jash1,

Welcome on board  :)

If you are looking for suggestions/offers, please drop an advert in the corresponding section of the website : Housing in Mauritius. You may also browse through the existing ads or any other website related to accommodation like :


As far as public transport is concerned, Port-Louis is the capital so, well served and taxis/buses can be easily found, however traffic is hectic (the capital city being what it is).

However, if you are looking to live in Port-Louis itself, not far from your workplace, i don't think you will find any offer with sea view/beaches.... I mean, google search Port-Louis on the net you will have a better picture.

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