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I moved to Stockholm over a year ago from London.

Prices for vegetables and food, in general, are very high, even in supermarkets, and in my experience selection is limited. As somebody who used to go to Waitrose and other supermarkets in other countries, I'd expect many different kinds of potatoes, onions, seasonable vegetables, herbs etc. But no matter where I go, big, small, Kungsholmen or further out, the selection is dire and the prices are high.

I know there are food halls, but those also mostly sell expensive meats and fish or prepared dishes, I have yet to locate a decent farmers market that doesn't just sell mushrooms and some stupid strawberries. Can anybody point me to somewhere you can go and just buy vegetables, haggle a bit and leave with a trunk full of a weekly supply? Even a bit further out of town would be okay.

I am also interested where all the restaurants actually get their ingredients from? It seems the food scene here is high quality, albeit expensive, so the ingredients exist, but normal people have no access or interest? I despair!

Hello, Yes places like Östermalmstorg, Hötorget etc. are unnecessarily expensive. Have you been to places like Skärholmen, Farsta, Kista? Immigrants who operate such places have better verities and affordable prices. Sometimes there is a farmers market in Södermalm in front of Skatteskrapan but to be honest farmers in Sweden have not much to choose. However you can try these places too … gardsbutik

By the way you also can buy from Årsta partihallar in Östberga but that is not a farmers market only a wholesale market.

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