Selling Eggs in Uruguay Maldonado area

Dear Expats.

I am moving to El Edén first week of March 2020. I am a Chicken egg and meat farmer.

I need advise on how to sell your produce on a larger scale. Someone mentioned that you must sell to agents which sell off to the big retailers etc.

Any info and advise would be appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi Heinrich

Why don't you find out about the weekly markets in the area?  You can sell your goods there to start off and maybe build up a customer base?

Once I move to Uruguay I will definitely prefer to buy at the weekly markets.

Selling to agents will most probably mean you don't get your fair share... Just my opinion though :-)

Good luck!  Let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the feedback.

I think it would be a combination because the volumes that I need to sell will be enough to sell at the markets and the surplus can be supplied to Agents if needed.

As long as legislation do not prevent me from selling directly.


From what I've heard there shouldn't be much preventing you from selling directly at the markets.

Are you there on a visit?  I see it shows as your location.

Where in South Africa are you from?  Were/are you farming in SA too?

I love Uruguay!  Had a 2nd holiday there in October 19 (1st was Sept 16) and that was when I made up my mind to move there permanently. Hopefully I'l be able to do that towards the end of the year.

Let's keep in touch :-) It would be nice to chat occasionally.


Hi Marlene

I am moving from Pretoria to Uruguay by end Feb 2020.

Hi Heinrich

Good luck with the move!

Let me know when you're settled in.


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