Female Photographer looking for new opportunities

Hi I am photographer and a makeup artist i love meeting new people i am moving to Bahrain from England, just wondering where can i find good jobs of my field , any recommendations will be highly appreciated.


The tricky bit is the mechanics of how you want to work.  If you want to do a proper job then you would need to be hired by the relevant employer i.e. design / advertising / TV & Media and get a work visa from them.  That obviously requires networking.

If you want to do something in your spare time here and there, then it may be possible without going through the whole hassle.

Keep in mind that in this part of the world, any work that an expat does, requires you to be on a proper work visa from a sponsor.  There are freelancers here but they are almost all local Bahrainis.

Thank you for the advice, the problem is i applied online for several jobs bit didn't have any luck so far, so i decided to come to Bahrain and then look for opportunities, someone told me there are some events in Bahrain in which you can go and may be you find someone relevant, and applying to some agencies too, so yea here i am all booked and packed and ready for a change let's see :) I don't mind freelance or working with a company as far as they fulfil my criteria.

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