Documents needed to work in the US

Dear all.

I need some information regarding documents and formalities needed to work permanently in the US

Here is the story first:

I work as a front fest agent at a 5 star hotel, I met this lovely couple that I helped arranging their itinerary while staying with us.

They asked if I'am interested to work with them, they have a restaurant.

I of course agreed and very excited.

However, since they are touring the world, they gave me one thing to do, which is to collect all information needed regarding documents and formalities/ procedures that I might need to get to work in the US or any documents they might need to get me to work for them. If there are requests they have to file or any little details that they need to work on.

I have to send them all the information in details by the end of their trip, as I agreed with them since I don't want to bother them with any work related matters while they are enjoying their time traveling.

Please if there is any one who is aware of the documents or formalities needed, I would be grateful for your help.

Or if you can direct me to an agency or office where I will be provided with the correct exact information regarding this. That would be helpful too.

Ps: I live and work in Marrakech, Morocco

Your assistance is highly appreciated!

I'd done a quick Google search and found this in 2 seconds. … visas.html

Very difficult to get, so don't expect anything and get your hopes up. This is only for temporary work permit.

The easy stuff you should get started with is your Moroccan Passport, if you don't have one yet. Any degrees you may have from college or certifications may help.

Also, for your information, it's expensive to live in the USA especially in New York City. You'll need to be making at least $100,000 USD a year. Of course, there are cheaper places to live in the USA. Even the cheapest places to live, you'll need to be making $50,000 USD a year to live low middle class. Of course, this will depend on your cost of living and if you have debt.

Thank you very much for your response and for your efforts, much appreciated!

Actually, the thing is The clients are the ones who offered the job, and they would like me to work with them permanently, I also looked online, but I can not trust the information provided 100% and hope to get it from someone who has already done this or atleast knows well about such things.

The couple are ready to file, request or sign any documents needed to bring me to the USA, they just need to know what and how. And also what I will need prepared to get there.

I reckon since they are the ones who made the offer, getting a visa as a permanent worker is not going to be that difficult. Or is it?

Thank you for the link, will check it out immediately.

Many thanks!


The link I'd provided is from the US Dept of State and the law of the USA. This site will have everything needed. Nothing can supersede this, but Allah. If the man and woman owns or is in charge of a fortune 500 company, you may have a chance, but they will have to prove your need to work there and what skills you have. I know for a fact, it will not be permanent. Work permits with time limits. Read through the requirements.

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