Carta di Soggiorno


I have spent 5 years in Italy and completed my PhD from Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Currently I have an 'Attessa Occupazione' premesso di soggiorno which is valid for one year. I found out that if I find a job with enough salary now, I can apply for Carta di Soggiorno.

I want to ask if I start working now in some other country for few years and then return with a job later in Italy, say in 2025, will I still be able to apply for Carta di Soggiorno? The criterion that it requires 5 years of stay in Italy, does it have to be immediately before the Carta di Soggiorno application?

Your suggestions will be very important for me.

You will have to go through the full application process again.


I am not an expert in this.
For valid and more accurate information, I suggest you to find information from the Questura where you reside.

From my own experience, yes, you need to apply for your Permesso di Soggiorno immediately after the first 5 years due.

Best of luck!


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