How much do Dermatologists make on average in Santo Domingo?

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Yes, I know there are many variables to consider here, but on average, how much can the typical dermatologist (MD) expect to make in Santo Domingo practicing both medical and cosmetic dermatology? I'm trying to decide where I want to build my life. I know that I can make a lot of money in the US as a doctor, but if I can make a decent living in DR practicing medicine and be happier here, then it may be well worth the pay cut. I appreciate the input. T.I.A!

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First are you a citizen or resident here?  Where were you educated? 

I am trying to get a better handle on your question.

And I don't think it's about how.much money you can make but the standard of living you can have.  A straight comparison of income isn't going to be difficult but might mean very little.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I am an America citizen, but my medical degree is from a Dominican university. I also have an undergraduate degree from an American university. So I can either go back home to the US to practice (most likely as a generalist) or I can stay in DR to do a dermatology (my dream specialty) residency here. My issue is that in the US, success is basically guaranteed as a doctor, but I want to know on average how well I could do in DR as a dermatologist. Is there a high demand for this speciality here?

Thanks for your answers.  The quick answer is yes, you can do well here.  Its a growing specialty as more and more people care about this!

And its growing with americans coming here for procedures! you would be uniquely positioned for that group!

Thanks! Do you know an average of around what I could expect to make monthly in this field? Just a ballpark? I know $100k a year in DR would probably feel the same as $300k in Miami or New York, but I just want to get an idea. Thanks again for your help!

(I only used those numbers as an example, not a personal expectation)

I can not speak to how much a dermatologist would make in the DR, but I would say that most of the insurance policies most Dominicans have don’t cover most dermatology services. High end plans might but they are expensive to most of the population. Have you tried meeting a dermatologist, take them to lunch and discuss it?
My wife’s sister is in general practice in Puerta Plata and has several uncles and cousins who are physicians in Santo Domingo.

You are correct about US medicine. I recently retired and it is changing like crazy. Practices are being bought up by large health care system. Some specialities like dermatology are still independent as all their services are office based, so the HC system don’t make a lot of money on them but those physicians do very well.

Message me if you want any specifics about US medicine. Good luck!

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