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If someone can advice anything on the following situation, it would be great:

A girl has been in the relationship with a Dutch national for longer than 3 years, she then applied for her Dutch passport. Recently they broke up and she had to move out and now lives separately. There has been no decision yet about her passport. She is an Ukrainian national, employed and also enrolled in a master programme.

What will happen to her passport application if they declare to IND that they no longer live together?

Will they let her stay and wait for her passport? What are her next steps?

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It's 5 years before she can claim Dutch citizenship via naturalisation.  Further, if her current residence permit is directly related to her relationship with a Dutch citizen, then she has to notify the IND of the change in circumstances; they, in turn, will advise her of her options.  From what you've said, she may qualify for one of the study visas.

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Thank you for your reply.
She has already claimed it after 3 years in the relationship and she even lived here as an au-pair before that, so this is her 5th year (she came in August 2015). The application is in a process but she doesnt know when she might get it as it takes a year and now it has been around 6 months. So it doesnt make much sense to call IND and tell now that they broke up as the application is already half way through.
I even called IND few months ago and they did not advise anything just said - oh its impossible for her to stay then unless she finds another partner.
She has finished the masters but only finalised her thesis now and also she pays an EU fee under the current residence permit so if she now switches to student visa her fee will be 17 k and will make absolutely no sense as she will graduate in a month or two.
So there must be a way not to interrupt her naturalization procedure I suppose?

Hi again.

I have nothing further to add to what I've said previously; you already know the official answer; I've told you and now you tell us that the IND has also told you.  My only advice is for her to hand in her thesis so if she is caught and forced to leave, at least her course work will not be wasted.

Hopefully, somebody else who may have experience of this situation will read your posts and advise what they did.

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Immigration policy is a political matter, mostly in the interest of the 'receiving' party.
I'm quite cynical about handing in a thesis in case of rejection. IMO, interests should be balanced, just like rejections. Mutual interest (attractiveness) or mutual rejection so to speak.
There's no reason at all to reward a party with a gift in return for rejecton. That would be a waste  on top of a waste. I'd say... only the IND can prevent such a situation to happen, but if they want to play hardball... then such hardball should be balanced 😀

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